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My name is Maria and I work as a language professor. I speak German, Italian, French, Spanish, English and Serbian. I currently teach Italian, French, German, English and Serbian. I was born Serbia but moved to Italy where I lived and completed my University education earning my Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and a Master’s degree in communication, both with honours. I specialized in teaching foreign languages, but I also attended music school where I learned to play harp and piano.

Currently I live in Austria where I have been based for several years. During my time here I participated in an exchange programme in order to improve my German. Following this, I was a professor’s assistant at the University of Foreign Languages in Austria, gaining experience in teaching different foreign languages, translation, and creative writing. I am always happy to meet new people and help them discover the beauty of learning different languages. Languages are my greatest passion, as well travelling around the world and practicing numerous hobbies like skiing, dancing, golf, tennis, swimming, writing, and photography.


Teaching method

My teaching method focuses on establishing a solid base on which to work on. Whether that involves learning languages from scratch or building on top of previous knowledge, I tailor the class based on the needs and aims of the student. My teaching style involves regular revision what you have done so far to ensure that there are no doubts left before moving on to the new topics. Initially I assess the student’s knowledge by doing a test to see what should be improved first. During our lessons, we will primarily focus on grammar and vocabulary, while then putting the theory into practice by concentrating later much more on conversation and reading. While learning the language, I will move at your own pace and motivate you to give your best.

My aim is to not only teach you your desired language, but also help you gain confidence in your communication, both written and verbal. I am a polyglot, so I can teach you the language in your native language or any another language. We can have any combination between English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Serbian, it’s entirely your choice. After you have gained some confidence, we can switch to only having classes in the language you wish to learn, I am very flexible. My students describe me as highly professional with an academic style of teaching, great motivator, very organized, punctual, easygoing, communicative, and joyful.

Once we have determined our lesson plan, we will focus on establishing the fundamentals in grammar, building up your vocabulary, and enhancing your expression and pronunciation. After our first lesson, we will agree on a lesson plan and I shall send the lesson material in advance so that you can revise before and after our class. I have learned many languages and I am about to add one more language to my list, I have just started learning Russian as well, so I understand all the struggles one must go through before finally mastering the language and being able to teach that language and transmit the language to other people. Personally, I believe that grammar topics and language structures are much easier to learn when they are compared to the other languages that you already know. I am happy to help you along your way of the language adventure.


Student success stories

I have taught many people all over the world, from nearly all continents and many different countries. My students come from Europe, USA, South America, Mexico, Japan, Africa, Asia and many more. I teach all my languages across many levels. My students possess different levels, different ages, cultures, and different reasons as to why they want to learn languages. Some students learn languages as a hobby, some learn in order to adapt to the new ways of living in another country, some need it for work and others need help for university or school. Either way, I am so happy to see their progress, especially when they regularly learn languages with me long-term, that’s the best way to see their result. We have been through all the difficulties to finally achieve their proficiency in the language and that’s what I work for: to see their happiness reflect mine. Some of the students became lifelong friends and that’s the beauty of learning the language, it allows people to meet and communicate even though they are from completely different parts of the world, they are brought much closer by their shared passion of learning the language.

To name just a few success stories: I had a doctor who learnt a new language in one year, even though he was very busy, but the consistency paid off. We had a barrier by the hours difference, but nevertheless we made it with hard work. Another example would be a young girl who learned the language quickly and already after three months of learning twice a week became the top of her class. I also helped another student start his PhD and learn a language to move to a foreign country. Other examples include: helping an engineer start from scratch and gain the language knowledge in one year to apply for the citizenship, helping a college language professor learn another language in six months, we had three classes a week consistently and achieved quick results, helping an opera singer to enhance language pronunciation, who then invited me to attend the opera. Another example of success would be an actress who struggled with the language in order to learn to recite her part for the movie. After the movie, she continued to learn the language as part of her hobby. Apart from that, I also helped pensioners get motivation and find happiness in learning a language while travelling and meeting other people. During the coronavirus I have helped many people stay focused on their goal and find meaning during the difficult situation while affected by lockdown. There are many more students who learnt the language quickly not only thanks to me, but thanks to their resolution to work hard and study and revise at least half an hour between our classes. A half an hour it is, but it makes the big difference. You could be next. I am happy to accompany you on this journey and I am looking forward to embarking to the road of your success and personal satisfaction.


Student Reviews

Jesus Jimenez Lorenzo (Zürich, Switzerland)Student reviews german lessons
Occupation: Engineer

“In addition to her perfect knowledge of the German language, Maria conveys confidence and enthusiasm in her lessons. She always starts her lessons the same way she ends them: with a smile. This helps to create an atmosphere which makes the lessons very pleasant. She provides good material on which to study and reinforce what has been learnt. It is also noticeable that her material is already well prepared.

Because she has experience teaching languages, she knows in advance where students tend to get confused. She has rare skills that are very useful for a teacher, such as being able to read the student. She knows how to identify if you have not understood or are having difficulty with something, and when she does, she makes sure to repeat it until you understand it.

A teacher like Maria is a great asset when learning complex languages like German, as learning it not only becomes easier, but also makes the process more enjoyable”.


Nikola Sladojevic (Munich, Germany

Profession: Electrical engineer.

My name is Nikola Sladojevic, I am an electrical engineer by profession.

Before I started learning German with Maria, I was very afraid to speak German with Germans. My self-confidence was very low at that time.

After 2 months of having lessons with Maria (2-3 times a week), I freed myself to speak German. Now I really enjoy speaking German.
The lessons with Maria are very funny and interesting. The topics we talk about during the lessons are always very interesting and varied. That’s why the lessons go by very quickly and I always look forward to the next lesson.

Maria also corrects me all the time when I make grammatical mistakes during the conversation. This is very important to me because it also helps me to improve my grammatical German.

Maria is a happy, positive, enthusiastic, nice and friendly teacher. This makes you feel relaxed and makes the lessons very pleasant. I would like to add that Maria really knows how to transfer her vast knowledge to students. There are many teachers who, although they have huge knowledge, cannot transfer their knowledge to students properly. Every one of us has met such teachers in school. I think this is also very important to mention when looking for a teacher.

Besides that, Maria is responsible, prepared and always on time. It has never happened that she is late or that she did not have an answer to the question. That’s why I recommend Maria to everyone.


Asad Ahmed (Zurich, Switzerland).

Occupation: Tax Manager

“Maria is a very skilled language teacher. Well versed with multiple languages herself, she understands the common basis of language and communication and she can structure her lessons accordingly making them very effective and systematic in their approach.

Moreover, Maria has a lot of positive energy and patience to help her students get upto speed in their language learning. The tempo and vibe of her lessons are always consistent, building up on lessons in a very progressive and enjoyable manner.

I have been studying German, off and on, for many years and never felt comfortable with learning it. Maria has helped me consolidate my previous knowledge of the language and give it a structure where I can feel at ease with learning it further.

Maria has a very warm and friendly nature, and I would highly recommend her as a language teacher. ”


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Order of languagues: Italian, French, German, English and Spanish. Subtitles in English.


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