German lessons online

Online German lessons via Skype, Zoom or Google Meet. The website was created in 2016 (formerly ,together with the German and  Spanish versions and many  students have successfully learned German.

The teacher

German lessons online

+Tobias Woelke is a qualified native German teacher  who is fully licensed to teach German as a foreign language.

He has more than 12.000 lessons of experience in teaching German: German lessons online, German lessons for school children, German lessons for exam preparation, etc….

+ The teacher can also issue invoices so that students can deduct the lessons as training expenses on their tax return, and some students receive financial support from their employers.
+ In the lessons “Hochdeutsch” is spoken, which is characterised as a neutral German without any regional accent. “Hochdeutsch” is the basis for the students to learn the different regional dialects later on.

+Tobias Woelke has a lot of teaching experience in teaching German online , with the ability to guide students and provide the optimal tools for successful learning and is highly skilled in the design and implementation of individual programmes for the improvement of each student. He also has a special interest in incorporating learning coaching techniques into his work methodology, and in constantly updating didactic topics and new teaching material.

How are German lessons online  organised?

The great advantage of these lessons is that they can take place from anywhere in the world. The student can be in his or her office, at home or in a hotel. You can even give the lesson on your mobile phone in a place where there is a network. You don’t have to travel and there is flexibility to change the time of the classes, always giving some advance notice.

There is no voice distortion and despite the distance, you can have a very close relationship with the student. A good and friendly relationship between the teacher and the student is very important for the success of the lessons. There are many factors that influence the learning of a language and one of them is the relationship between the student and the teacher.

Student reviews


+ Students of all ages and learning levels: Diplomats, musicians, doctors, multinationals, students, engineers, computer scientists, etc.
+ German lessons online for school children, German lessons for individuals and German lessons in groups.
+ German lessons for exam and interview preparation and German lessons for companies.

Main achievements

Learning in record time: from zero to C1 with german lessons online in one year. The story of my student Gloria. New Jobs in Suisse and Germany, German exams passed, exams for the validation of medical-pharmaceutical diplomas, honours in German, students who in the past have had bad experiences with “so-called teachers”/”so-called academies” have returned to learn German with enthusiasm etc. ….


Firstly, it depends on whether the lessons are individual or group lessons. If the classes are given to a group, a general objective is set with individual reinforcement.
In the case of individual classes, they are 100% individualised and adapted to the needs of the student. This is the most effective way to learn a language and the student has a personal trainer who is there to look after him/her. Keeping the student motivated is fundamental for the success of the learning process. Coaching techniques are also applied in the classes. In this way the student learns to learn in an effective and organised way.

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Class schedules

Lessons can be held between 8 am and 9 pm – German time – and also on weekends.


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