German course via Skype

German Skype course

German Skype course

  1. The teacher
  2. Opinions of students about the German course via Skype
  3. Classes and courses
  4. Methodologies and Material used
  5. Results
  6. First trial lesson
  7. Contact information



1.The teacher who taught German classes

Tobias Woelke is a native German graduate teacher/Learning Coach, registered in patents and trademarks register. He has more than 12000 experience classes in teaching German such as German lessons via Skype and German lessons at home. etc…

The teacher issues invoices so that students can deduct German courses via Skype as training expenses on their tax returns. There are also students who receive financial aid from their companies.

The teacher speaks “Hochdeutsch” which is characterized as a neutral German without any regional accent. The “Hochdeutsch” is the basis for the student to learn the different dialects of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Tobias Woelke has a lot of teaching experience in teaching German courses via Skype and a great ability to motivate students and offer the best tools for a good learning of the German language. He is also highly trained in the design and application of individual programs for each student. He has special interest in the incorporation of learning coaching techniques in his work methodology, and in the constant updating of didactic topics.


2.Opinions about the classes

On the website you can see the ratings of students satisfied with the German classes

Here you can see the opinions of the students:Testimonials German Skype classes

Students of all ages and levels of learning such as students of Brains College, British Council, Volkswagen,Engineers, Nurses, Musicians etc …

3.Great variety of German classes via Skype

German courses for schoolchildren, individual classes and classes in small groups.

German classes for exam preparation, interview preparation and for companies


4.Methodologie used in the German courses 

Tobias Woelke is entitled Learning Coach, expert in motivation and support in learning the German language.

There are different methodologies adapted to the students and a large library / Mediateca / Dropbox / to support the student after school hours.



100% passed exams (Goethe / Telc / Uned / Eoi)

Improvement in school grades and honors

Students who have obtained new jobs and professional contacts


Main achievements of German classes:


As results, it is worth noting the fulfillment of the objectives established at the end of the training cycle of the German course via Skype and the approval of 100% of the exams Goethe, Telc, EOI, ÖSD.

Effective teaching of the German language through the use of an interactive and playful dynamic, maintaining the level of attention and concentration of the students.

Especially relevant is the expansion of the number of professional contacts and job offers of some students and the improvement of their job opportunities.


6.First trial lesson

The teacher offers a 20M test class via Skype


7.Contact information

Through the contact form:Contact German course via Skype


Tobias Woelke


german course via Skype

German course via Skype