In this article I explain the difference between bringen, mitbringen and mitnehmen.

Bringen                                                                 bring

The verb “bringen” rather is used in contexts “take an object from one site to another, change location”, “something that is planned / planned to deliver”

Sabine bringt Peter ein Buch                            Sabine brings a book to Peter

Other example:

Peter bringt das Auto in die Werkstatt          Peter takes the car to the workshop.

The car changes places, from Peter (for example from his house) to the workshop. Is planned / planned to take the car to the workshop or because I had an appointment for the review or because the car has broken down and has had to take it to the workshop.

Peter bringt das Auto in die Werkstatt mit (grammatically incorrect)

The verb “mitbringen”

Sabine war im Buchladen. Sie bringt Peter ein Buch mit

Sabine was in the bookstore. She  brings a book to Peter.

Here the grammatical focus is on “I’ll take you something, but it was not planned”. The verb mitbringen is used rather sometimes in a casual, surprise context. Sabine was in the bookstore but it was not planned to buy a book and take it to Peter.

Another example to see the difference between bringen and mitbringen:

Today is the anniversary of Peter and Sabine.

Peter bringt Sabine rote Rosen.There is a special date and no surprise that on this date Peter brings roses to Sabine.

Now with the verb “mitbringen”

Peter war in der Stadt. Er bringt Sabine Rosen mit.

Peter was in the city, saw a flower shop, buys the flowers and takes them to Sabine.


In the spoken language many times bringen and mitbringen are used alike.

Now the verb mitnehmen:

The verb mitnehmen is it used rather in a context of “accompanying”

Nehmt ihr mich mit ins Kino?

Do you take me to the cinema?

Can I accompany you?

Peter nimmt Sabine nach Venedig mit

Peter takes Sabine to Venice- Sabine accompanies Peter to Venice


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