About me

I was born in the beautiful German city of Düsseldorf. In recent years, I have trained as a German teaching coach, both at a academic level and at a practical level, with a special focus on learning psychology, teaching, learning problems and grammar.  

Since 2012, I have taught more than 12,000 German lessons to students from different continents, at all levels (A1-C2) and with very diverse backgrounds (diplomats, athletes, scientists, journalists, musicians and choreographers, entrepreneurs, etc. )

Thanks to this experience, I have been able to develop my own teaching method based on coaching techniques. My goal is to be the personal trainer in German of each student. The achievements accomplished speak for themselves (I invite you to read my students’ testimonials).

In addition, I have written hundreds of articles on grammar, and, shortly, I hope to write my first book!

We live in times of change, rush, stress and worries. All these factors, although foreign to the learning process, are increasingly influential. Hence the importance of understanding and addressing this process globally whilst taking into account internal and external factors and adapting the teaching plan to the specific circumstances of each student, at all times.

This is a pioneering method in language teaching, as it hardly develops in traditional schools and academies. It is a method that incorporates coaching techniques, which encourage the student’s motivation to achieve the ultimate goal: learn German quickly and effectively and also, in an entertaining and fun way, since I consider this one of the keys to success. When a person learns something new, with excitement and positive emotions; the road is much easier to travel.

Therefore, my goal as a German coach is to understand, motivate and support the student in this process and, especially, with critical phases.
First, you have to lay a good foundation and help with the external factors that influence learning. That is the best methodology to learn German. You can’t start building the house from the roof.

In learning German, it is not enough just to master grammar, vocabulary and understand the language. This process to know how to express oneself fluently is much more complex and requires all the support that the teacher can give the student.

How I can help?

  • Preparation of official exams Goethe, Telc, ÖSD
  • Coaching with special focus on overcoming learning problems: Nervousness, fear of speaking a foreign language, perfectionism, stress, as well as all the problems that make learning difficult.
  • Coaching and advice for people who are in the process of assimilation in German-speaking countries
  • Preparation of job interviews and presentations in German
  • Complete courses by level
  • Commercial German (“Wirtschaftsdeutsch”)
  • Grammar classes


  • You will learn the language effectively and efficiently.
  • You can increase and maintain your motivation during the learning process.
  • You will overcome the fear of communicating in German.
  • You will recover the illusion of learning German, in case you have suffered bad experiences.
  • You will discover and strengthen your communication skills.
  • You will learn through positive emotions.